1) Financial Matters: The balance of the rental fees for the listed items shall be paid in full no later than 72 hours prior to [delivery date] [pickup date]. AEC accepts cash, wires, checks, and credit cards. All VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express incur a 3% processing fee. All returned checks shall be subject to a $25.00 service fee. All charges as set forth herein are earned whether or not you use the rented items. If you desire to use them for longer than what is indicated on this contract, you must contact our office so that any additional rental charges can be agreed upon and added as an attachment to this contract. If you are the one picking up and bringing back the rented items, you are responsible for returning them to us by the end of the business day on the date [date/return] set forth in this contract. If they are returned late you agree to pay the daily rental fees as set forth in this contract. An open voucher will be held until all items are returned in undamaged condition. Table, chair and equipment setup and takedown are not included in the delivery charges should we be the ones to deliver and pickup, with the exception of tents and canopies. If you wish us to do so, you agree to pay us the setup and takedown charges as are listed in this contract.

2) Deposits & Cancelation Policy: When you place an order with us, we then reserve all listed items, prepare it and package it either for your pickup or our delivery. Deposits are non- refundable, but if you cancel 14 days prior to the [delivery date] [pickup date], we will issue you a credit voucher for the full amount of your order for you to use for any future rental so long as this is done within 180 days from the date of your cancellation. The credit voucher is transferable. If you cancel within 7 to 14 days from the [delivery date] [pickup date], whichever applies, a restocking/cancellation fee (“Cancellation Fee”) of eighteen percent (18%) of the total contract price shall apply, which you then forfeit and authorize us to keep. The remaining balance will be issued to you in a credit voucher. If you cancel within 6 days from the [delivery date] [pickup date], whichever applies, then you forfeit the entire contract price as a Cancellation Fee. These Cancellation Fees shall apply regardless of the reason – no exceptions. The issued credit voucher possesses no cash value.

If a date change is requested by you but you do not cancel, the notification must be given to us at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event, but will then be subject to equipment availability, without any liability on our part in the event the equipment is not available. The Cancellation Policy as set forth above otherwise applies.

3) Tent Events: Tent permits are your responsibility, and if for any reason your event cannot be held because you cannot or have not obtained the proper permits and if we do not receive notification from you of this circumstance, you are still subject to our Cancellation Policy. If you have indicated that you wish us or the permitting agency requires us to obtain the necessary permits, you agree to pay us in advance an extra administrative fee, which shall be non- refundable, and in the amount as set forth in this contract. This fee is independent of any actual permit fee or fees, which fees you also agree to pay to us in advance, and although we will make reasonable attempts at obtaining your permits, we cannot guaranty you that a permit will be issued due to circumstances that are beyond our control, but we will be deemed to have earned our administrative fee for this purpose. You will be refunded any permit fees paid to us unless the agency retained them, but shall still be subject to our Cancellation Policy as set forth above, should it apply.

4) Damages/Losses to Equipment and Personal Property: You agree to pay for any and all damages to any of the listed items and as are set forth on the Acceptance/Return Sheet, which also includes the loss of any listed items. In this regard, we shall retain a non-refundable 5% (of the total contract price) damage and loss fee waiver to be applied towards any damages to or loss of the listed items, which shall be paid for in advance. If it does, then you agree to pay any additional damages. As to linens, you agree to pay for any damages caused by ink, wax spots or damage, burns, scorches, staple holes and the like. If the linens are wet, do NOT place them in plastic or other non-breathable bags or containers as this causes mildew which could ruin the linens and for which you agree to pay damages.

We are not responsible for any damage, loss or destruction of any of your personal property, including but not limited to cellular phones, computers, ipods, ipads, stereo equipment, jewelry, watches, clothing that may be caused by inclement weather such as rain, wind, dust, or any other unforeseen circumstance, nor shall of same entitle you to any refund of the full rental price as set forth in this contract.

5) Assumption of Risk: You assume the risk of injury to you and any of your invited guests or other persons that are in any way related to the use of the rented items if they are used improperly, modified, altered, abused or otherwise tampered with. All liquor sales are done thru a third party company “The Caddy Girls” in which case Allure Event company assumes no risk. 6) Attorneys Fees: In the event, we are forced to hire legal counsel or otherwise institute legal proceedings to enforce the terms of this contract, you agree to pay our reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in so doing.